UP-DBT-III Laboratory Bottle Washer


1.500L/min heavy flow and circulating sprinkling system design, upper and lower circulating pumps for independent sprinkling, evenly distributed water curtain in cleaning chamber (free from dead corners) to ensure high standard cleaning effect.
2. Inlet water flow meter and level switch for dual-monitoring of inlet water flow, guaranteeing accurate proportion of cleaning water and agent effectively.
3. Electronic door lock can control open and close of main cleaning chamber door and cooperation of operation program effectively, preventing users from contacting sewage or hot water scalding.
4. Automatic suction door can realize door closing easily and quietly, preventing vibration during door closing.
5. Various cleaning baskets and shelves are configured; be able to realize valid cleaning of different utensils effectively.
6. With microcomputer control, 22 cleaning model setups are optional freely and 88 customized setups are editable freely.
7. Program can be upgraded through USB interface, realizing customized cleaning mode.
8. The 232 serial port can be optionally connected to the printer, and the print cleaning record is archived for future reference.
9. The main unit and computer are wirelessly linked to realize the remote monitoring function in the LAN of the bottle washer.
10. The flushing flow frequency conversion control function will set the circulating flow rate of the adjustable frequency according to the cleaning requirements to achieve the best cleaning effect.
11. Condenser with larger volume can eliminate the hidden dangers of steam venting in the laboratory.
12. An air heater, condenser with bigger capacity, filter and high-efficient fan constitute a high-efficient drying system, which drys utensils rapidly and cleanly during circulating heating, steam blowing, condensing and discharging.cord is archived for future reference.


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