lab glassware washing machine instructions

lab glassware washing machine instructions

As one of the important equipment in the laboratory, lab glassware washing machine is developing rapidly on the high-grade road. As the good situation continues to spread, the use of instruments has gradually become the focus of people’s attention. Today, we will discuss this issue.

1. The product packaging box has a supporting and protective effect. When the lab glassware washing machine is inspected and accepted, there should be no obvious signs of damage. If it is damaged or even affects the normal use of the instrument, please contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

2. When using the instrument, avoid plugging or unplugging the power plug with wet hands.

3. The inlet pipe of the instrument is not resistant to high temperature and is easily eroded by chemical reagents. Avoid contact as much as possible.

4. In order to achieve better cleaning results, it is recommended to use special cleaning agents.

5. Laboratory glassware such as beakers, measuring cylinders, petri dishes, and volumetric flasks are thermally and chemically stable and can be placed in the instrument for high temperature cleaning. Never put non-heat-resistant utensils (such as plastic utensils) into the instrument for high temperature cleaning.

6. In order to avoid being burned by hot steam, it is strictly forbidden to open the warehouse door during the operation of the instrument.

7. If the instrument fails, please contact the manufacturer’s professional and technical personnel for repair.

8. If the instrument will not be used for a long time, please disconnect the power supply and close the water inlet valve.

In the process of user return visits, we found that many users ignored the placement of glassware and their operations were not standardized. Here, I will tell you how to place glassware correctly.

1. If the glassware is seriously polluted (containing particulate matter, viscous plastic contents, etc.), in order to ensure the cleaning effect and avoid damage to the pump, it is recommended to use pretreatment before cleaning with an instrument.

2. Before placing glassware, place the filter correctly and ensure the cleanliness of the ware.

3. When cleaning the basket, install it in accordance with the principle of “down first and then up”. Install the lower basket first and then the upper basket.

4, glassware placement follows the “matching” principle. Place vessels of different calibers and heights in matching baskets. If a large beaker is placed in a small nozzle, it will not be cleaned; if a sample vial is placed in a large nozzle, it will be sprayed by water during cleaning.

5. After the cleaning basket is put into the warehouse, the spray rack should be stable, the nozzles should be aligned and centered, and the spray arms should be free to rotate.

6. After entering the warehouse, close the warehouse door lightly so that the warehouse door lock can be connected to the warehouse door lock. The warehouse door lock is locked automatically after the warehouse door is closed.

Questions about the use of lab glassware washing machine are here today. If you have any doubts, welcome to communicate with our company’s after-sales engineers. Youpu-Dubert provides you with a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services.