DBT-RD-FI Laboratory Bottle Washer



1.500L/min heavy flow and circulating sprinkling system design, upper and lower circulating pumps for independent sprinkling, evenly distributed water curtain in cleaning chamber (free from dead corners) to ensure high standard cleaning effect.

2.The main unit and computer are wirelessly linked to realize the remote monitoring function in the LAN of the bottle washer.

3.Electronic door lock can control open and close of main cleaning chamber door and cooperation of operation program effectively, preventing users from contacting sewage or hot water scalding.

4.Various cleaning baskets and shelves are configured; be able to realize valid cleaning of different utensils effectively.

5. With microcomputer control, 30cleaning model setups are optional freely and 100customized setups are editable freely.

6.Equipped with a USB interface, this device can upgrade programs, store valid data, and provide queryable, traceable, and repeatable cleaning data. It also includes a 232 serial port and optional printer for printing and archiving cleaning records for future reference.

7.Inlet water flow meter and level switch for dual-monitoring of inlet water flow, guaranteeing accurate proportion of cleaning water and agent effectively.

8.The triple sewage circulation filtration system prevents particles and debris from recirculating in the water. Moreover, the circulation pump reverses filtration flow to ensure the longevity of the components.

9.A high-capacity condenser rapidly turns water vapor into liquid, preventing elevated humidity levels in the room and safeguarding electronic components of the machine against damage.

10.The high-efficiency drying system comprises an air heater, a large condenser, a HEPA filter, and an efficient fan. It rapidly and immaculately dries the interior and exterior of utensils through the cyclic process of heating, blowing, condensing, and discharging.

Main parameters:

model DBT-RD-FI
Machine configuration parameters Vertical shape
External diameter:mm 635(L)×735(W)×1050(H)
Weight 120Kg
Cleaning chamber volume 145L
Feed loading Front loading
Door of main cleaning chamber Drop-down/Double insulated glass see-through doors
Shell material 304 stainless steel pearlescent plate
Material of main cleaning chamber 316 stainless steel
Power supply and control program fully automatic
Power supply AC220V-50Hz
Heating power 4KW
Power of washing pump 1*0.9KW
Drying power 2.5KW
Total power 7.5KW
Power supply cable 3.5m-3×4.0mm2
Cleaning and disinfection procedure With microcomputer control, 30 model setups are optional freely and 100 customized setups are editable freely
Operation display interface Touch panel, blue screen LCD interface
Clock gate Electronic door lock + self-priming
Protection function Program operation protection+ high temperature protection +flow and level protection
Safety protection 1. Prevent safety hazards caused by misoperation of the operation panel. 2. Under operation state, door of cleaning chamber is locked to completely eradicate potential safety hazard from spilled cleaning liquid. 3. Under set high temperature state, door of cleaning chamber is locked to completely eradicate scalding hazard
Data transmission Within the local network, wireless connections can be made via computers and cell phones for remote operation, editing of upgrade programs and downloading of print data.
Urban tap water Rear inlet water circulation cleaning
Urban tap water Water flow pressure 0.5~4Bar, 2m long inlet pipe: 4-split inlet interface
Purified water Water flow pressure 0.5~4Bar, 2m long inlet pipe: 4-split inlet interface
Circulating pump flow 1*500L/min
Circulating water inlet method Rear water inlet method
Inlet pump of purified water Standard configuration 7L/MIN
Drain pump and drain pipe DP4.0-50DR large flow drainage pump, 3.5m long 20 high temperature corrugated hose
Cleaning agent supply pump DB-AZB-L16 basic peristaltic metering pump automatic quantitative addition
Neutralizing liquid supply pump DB-AZB-L17 acid peristaltic metering pump automatic quantitative addition
Water consumption per time 10L
Temperature control Normal temperature ~93℃ (adjustable in 1℃)
Steam condenser 304 stainless steel condenser + stainless steel heat exchanger
Cleaning basket Single layer loading
Cleaning basket Configuration according to the customer’s bottle type(Standard AQ032/AH032 full injection type)
Clean and dry Hot air drying
Blower High temperature vortex high pressure suction pump
Air flow 120m3/h
Air Filtration HEPA Efficient air filtration
Temperature control Normal temperature~120℃ (adjustable in 1℃)
Time control 1-3 00 minutes (adjustable in 1 minute units)



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